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Technoparc Montréal,
Leader in Technologies and ICT

Montreal is recognized worldwide for its dynamism in the technology and ICT industry. The Technoparc is a leader in the industry with half of the workers on-site working in technologies and information and communications technologies (ICTs).

At the Technoparc, engineers and technicians work in different fields and for different services, making the Technoparc a real hub for the development of advanced technologies.

A diversified expertise

The technology industry is growing rapidly in Quebec, and in particular in Technoparc Montreal, with expertise in diversified areas such as:

  • Robotics
  • Design and engineering
  • Servers, hardware
  • Telecommunications and computer networks
  • Web services
  • Cloud services
  • Security
Technologies applied to other industries

Many of the Technoparc’s technology companies operate in other industries, particularly in the site’s two other sectors of expertise: life sciences and aerospace. This is the case for large companies such as Genetec, a world leader in security, but also for several Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) such as Atem Canada or Bircis Technologies & Consulting, which are technology companies specialized in aerospace.

Ideal place for data centers

With its cool climate, its location that protects it from natural disasters such as major earthquakes, and its abundant and affordable energy sources, Quebec is an ideal place to locate a data center. As such, the Technoparc Montreal has on its site two large data centers owned by two major international players, Cologix and Vantage Data Centers.


The Technoparc is also home to major international technology companies such as Hewlett-Packard Enterprise or 3M, a U.S. manufacturing company, as well as growing Montreal-based companies such as Haivision.



They settled in the Technoparc

Entrepreneurs and innovators, they found their ideal address here.


Montreal-based company and a provider of real-time video networking and broadcasting solutions


Montreal-based company that develops adaptive technologies that help manufacturers achieve their digital transformation

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

American company working in servers, networking, storage, software and business services

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