Eco-campus Hubert Reeves

A vision of the future


The Éco-campus Hubert Reeves site represents a vision of the future for a science park. Its development plan has been thought out carefully and aims to integrate buildings with the strictest respect of nature and sustainable development. Also, the site will be integrated into a coherent grouping of 5 clusters focusing on ecological and recreational connectivity and more than 46% of the territory will be transferred and recognized as a protected area, to be integrated into the des Sources nature park. This will truly be a first in North America!

Sustainable development

This important project blends into the concept plan of the coulée verte du ruisseau Bertrand ecoterritory and will focus on targeted objectives:

  • Protect and ensure sustainability of natural, cultural and landscape wealth
  • Improve the ecological and recreational connectivity
  • Promote the recognition of assets, locally and regionally

The concept plan is based on the Ruisseau Bertrand as the “backbone” of the project, leading to the Pôle des Sources, located south of the ecoterritory. The Pôle des Sources is bordered by the Montreal International Airport to the south. The proximity of the aircraft tracks to a natural park requires of course a bird control, which was addressed in the planning of the Pôle des Sources.

The Pôle des Sources includes in its zone the parc nature des Sources, located within the boundaries of the Technoparc St-Laurent Campus. Thanks to the important conservation project of the Eco-campus Hubert Reeves, wetlands, herbaceous and shrub fallows are protected.

Future Nature Park

The site of the Éco-campus Hubert Reeves is a site dedicated to the protection of the Pôle des Sources area. By ceding the northern part to make a connection with the parc nature des Sources, more than 46% of the territory is therefore recognized as a protected area and more than 68% of the actual wetlands will be bonified.

The water measures will ensure adequate water supply in quantity and quality to maintain a sufficient level of water to protect the integrity of wetlands, all under the supervision of a team composed of ornithologists, biologists and planners. The core objective is to truly consolidate the parc nature des Sources.

A first in North America

On the eve of the completion of improvements to the site, it must be stressed that companies that can move in on the site are primarily dedicated to clean technologies, nanotechnologies and sustainable development. A potential of more than 1,600 new jobs for Montreal’s economy.

To learn more about this unique project combining the strictest respect of the ecoterritory, sustainable development and the integration of research and development in clean technologies, please click the link below: