New residents: Haivision, Inter-op, Avenue Recrutement and l’Institut Ludopédagogique du Québec move in at the Technoparc. In the news: a “hub” in life sciences, visits of international delegations, SolidXperts gets a makeover, winners at the Medlys Awards, Les Affaires event on international growth. Services: Réseau express métropolitain, daycare services, Lufa and Alvéole, superb building at the Technoparc and monthly advices from ERA and Marketing Ultimum.


Technoparc Montréal would like to welcome the following companies:


Haivision is a leader in enterprise video and streaming technologies. Founded in 2004, they are headquartered in Montreal as well as Chicago, with several offices located throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and South America. Their technology helps thousands of government, broadcast and enterprise customers to stream their video content around the world. For more information, please click on their Website.


Bridging the gap between the US, Canadian and Middle-Eastern markets, Inter-Op Canada specializes in Tactical NextGen Communications for Defence & Security agencies worldwide. Celebrating 10 years of business, they are proud to join Technoparc Montréal’s High-Tech community by launching their Cyber Solutions Division further protecting and empowering their client base. Please click on their Website for more information.

Avenue Recrutement

Recruitment specialists engaged in creating lasting and reciprocal partnerships, mindful of the values and objectives of employers and candidates. At Avenue Recrutement, they are passionate about people, fascinated by their individualities, intrigued by their fields of expertise, curious about their ambitions and their passions. By listening, questioning and understanding candidates, they can guide them to an opportunity that meets their expectations and ambitions. On all occasions, their ambition is to conclude a match qualified for a durable and reciprocal partnership. More information is available on their Website.

Institut Ludopédagogique du Québec

The Institut Ludopédagogique du Québec is a cooperative research center that aims to support the community in its socio-educational and general well-being objectives. They conduct research to harness knowledge about the brain – its performance, its limits, and its relation of meaning to reality – to develop educational resources, programs, and technologies that promote and optimize harmonious development, learning and well-being at any age. Please see their Website for more information.


The future is created here

Did you know that more than 29% of Technoparc’s jobs are in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)? Also, more than 32 out of the 115 companies identified at the end of the 2017 financial year were in ICT. This number has seemingly grown this year since we have had a total of more than 32 new companies on the site since January 1st, 2018. For more information on the results of the 2017 fiscal year, please consult our 2017 annual report via this link.

A new Website for SolidXperts

SolidXperts, a resident company of Technoparc, is proud to announce the launch of its new Website. To mark its 20th anniversary, SolidXperts has decided to “make a facelift” with the rejuvenation of the logo, redefining the marketing strategy, consolidating their social media and redesigning their Website. Good work on renewing the image for this company specialized in 3D solutions. We invite you to click on their new Website to learn more about them.

Consolidation of the Life Sciences HUB in Montreal

The NEOMED Institute is proud of the expansion of its installations at the Technoparc de Montréal. The new building will offer its future tenants state-of-the-art chemistry and biology laboratories as well as common workspaces designed to foster collaboration. A great option for life sciences companies in Canada (and beyond!) who are looking for spaces adapted to their size and a site promoting sustained growth through a set of flexible real estate offers. For more information, contact the CBRE brokers at 514-849-6000 or visit the NEOMED Institute Website.

Visits of international delegations at Technoparc

During the month of September, we had the visit of more than four international delegations to the Technoparc. We had the honor of welcoming a large French delegation composed of several senior delegates of the Consulate General and the Consul General, Mrs. Catherine Feuillet. Then the Consul General of Belgium, Mr. Hubert Roisin, visited the site with delegates responsible for economic development. We also hosted a delegation from Brazil made up of delegates from the Consulate, the Canada-Brazil Chamber of Commerce and the City of Gramado in the province of Rio Grande Do Sul, which is planning a project to create a science and technology park. Finally, we greeted a delegation from Great Britain consisting of delegates from the Consulate General and the new Consul General, Ms. Chloe Adams. In each case we presented the Technoparc’s potential in science and technology and had the opportunity to visit some of the site’s innovative companies, including the NEOMED Institute and Genetec. These meetings are an excellent way to continue the exchanges between the two countries and allow an international positioning for the Technoparc de Montréal. Should your delegation be interested to be introduced to our site, please contact us right away. It will be our pleasure to meet with you and discuss your projects.

Montréal is the most reputable city in the Americas

Montréal earns a spot among the world’s Top 10 most reputable cities in the Reputation Institute‘s annual ranking and stands out as the most reputable city in the Americas. The other North American cities that were rated all fell behind Montréal. For example, Toronto was in 13th spot, Vancouver in 16th spot, San Francisco in 20th spot, and New York in 24th spot. An amazing recognition for the Greater Montréal area! To learn more about this topic, please click on the Montréal International link.

Trade mission in Lyon

From November 12 to 15, join a multi-sectorial trade mission to Lyon as part of the 2018 Entretiens Jacques Cartier. These “entretiens” are designed to encourage networking, promote the status and attractiveness of the two areas, and help share best business practices.They are perfect for the company that wants to develop its business in France and learn more about this market. Please click here to see the list of targeted industries and the name of personalities that have already confirmed their presence.

Trade mission in the UK

Participate in the Tech Mission to the UK’s Northern Powerhouse on the 10-16 November 2018. This Tech mission, organised by the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT), offers businesses the opportunity to explore Northern England’s technology offering in Deep Tech and Immersive Technologies. This mission is designed to help companies further their understanding of Northern England, the UK market, and support their plans for growth. It will provide valuable information, networks and contacts in business, academia, and government to support potential investment and partnerships. Interested? Please contact Jeremy Lee, Investment Officer by email at or by phone at (514) 594-0178.

Medlys awards event in life sciences

September 18th was the Medlys 2018 Gala Awards evening at the chic Club St-James in downtown Montreal. Prizes were awarded in several categories highlighting innovation and research in life sciences and medical technologies. Congratulations to the finalists in each category and to the winners: Petal MD, Silicycle, Osskin Ortho and Roche Diagnostics. A very stimulating evening with an inspired speech given by Ms. Danièle Henkel and the MC from Technoparc Montréal, Mr. Carl Baillargeon. Excellent work by Perry Niro (Pharmed Canada) and Benoit Larose (MEDEC Canada) for this event. It was the first edition, but all participants agreed to repeat this next year. We hope to see you again in 2019!

“Les Affaires” event to put on your agenda

How to overcome the main barriers to exporting and seize the opportunities that arise in a changing economy? The conference “Croissance à l’international – franchissez les barrières pour accélérer votre expansion” presented in collaboration with Événements Les Affaires and Technoparc Montréal will take place November 6, 2018 from 1 pm to 5 pm in downtown Montreal. A great opportunity to network and learn more about how to accelerate your presence in global markets through strategic partnerships. In addition, come and hear Philippe Morin, CEO of Exfo, a resident company of the Technoparc de Montréal, in his case study on “Croître dans un monde en transformation accélérée” (Growing in a fast-changing world). Get 10% discount when using the promo code 1TECHNO. Information and registration by clicking this link.


The REM at Technoparc

At the beginning of October, the CDPQ-Infra visited the Technoparc.The goal was to present the project of setting up the Technoparc Montréal station of the Réseau express métropolitain.Work began in September and will continue until the official opening of the station, scheduled for 2023.Throughout the evolution of the project, we will share with you the progress of the work in order to make access to the Technoparc as easy as possible.For example, you may have noticed that since the beginning of October, work has been done at the entrance to the Technoparc. These are done by Énergir – the new Gaz Métro, and they involve the relocation of a gas line along Alfred-Nobel Boulevard. In order to minimize the impact on local traffic during busy times, the work takes place from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm and allows traffic to be maintained by leaving two free lanes of traffic.Also, the CDPQ-Infra has left us some preliminary sketch-illustrations of the Technoparc Montréal Station, which you will find attached.For more information on the evolution of the work of the REM, we invite you to consult their Website, in the dedicated section.

A promotion at the Garderie Innovation

Garderie Innovation, located in Place Innovation (2311 Alfred-Nobel), offers a promotion to Technoparc residents. For a limited time, the first 20 visitors to the daycare will receive a gift certificate giving free admission to the Children’s Museum. Do you know Garderie Innovation? Opened since a few years at the Technoparc, it offers several free activities for children such as: martial arts, yoga, dance, music and science program with Captain Catalyst. They also offer excursions to coincide and complete their educational program and include a Chinese course for all age groups to enrich their learning. For more information on the promotion and / or daycare, please contact them by email at or by phone at 514-334-6695.

Bees and honey at the Technoparc

This fall, our urban beehive installed on the roof of our Albert-Einstein Innovation Center by the company Alvéole brought us more than 108 jars of honey. There was indeed a lot of work on the part of our valiant bees and these, according to data collected on the site “Ma Ruche”, had a radius of flight leading up to Highway 40! We are very happy with the experience for a second year in a row. Interest in this type of activity has not only allowed the installation of a second hive on the rooftops of the NEOMED Institute, but it seems that the trend also extends across the country according to this article from La Presse. Technoparc companies (and elsewhere) interested in having an urban hive next year can contact Alvéole now via their Website.

A BBQ between neighbours

In September two of our resident companies created a “good neighbor” event. ERA and Concentric joined forces for a BBQ lunch for their teams. More than sixty employees from both companies enjoyed burgers, hot dogs, vegetarian burgers, salad, lemonade and the famous Concentric cookies and a friendly basketball game was played between the two teams. A nice neighborhood event that will be repeated for sure. Nice initiative from the two resident companies of the Technoparc!

Eat fresh, eat local, at the Technoparc

For the last 2 years, Lufa Farms has been offering the delivery service of fresh produce from local farms and artisans to residents of the Technoparc. The service is simple, all you must do is to simply register online at and then place your order. The products are delivered every Tuesdays at the Alfred-Nobel innovation center, located at 2300 Alfred-Nobel. You can then bring your basket at home and eat healthy!

Get 10% discount on meals delivered at Technoparc

Do you know the Bistro 21st Century Food? It is located at the entrance of the Technoparc and it offers a great promotion including freshness, speed and savings. Receive 10% off any order for delivery to your office at the Technoparc. It’s very simple:
1) Click their website at:
2) Go to the section “bistro locations” at the bottom left
3) Then create an account (it takes 30 seconds) or log in to your existing account
4) Choose your meal
5) Enter the promo code techno10 and get 10% off
6) Receive your meal at your office, delivered by the Bistro located at the Technoparc
7) Smile!!
For more information, check out the Bistro’s website

K.I.D.S Daycare at Technoparc

Did you know that K.I.D.S. Daycare offers high quality day care at the Technoparc? They include monthly themes, such as arts and music, and offer music, dance, physical education and yoga classes to the children. Their meals are fresh and homemade daily. They have two spacious outdoor courtyards plus an indoor gymnasium and special events are offered throughout the year. For more information, visit their Website or contact Susan at 514-332-8295.

Meeting rooms at Technoparc

Would you like to make your team meeting or presentation in a modern setting, surrounded by the abundant nature of the Technoparc? We have 4 beautiful rooms available for all kinds of meetings. The two large rooms can accommodate up to 25 people while the two smaller rooms can accommodate up to 8 people. The rooms are equipped with high-performance audiovisual equipment, projection, speakers, audio-conference system and more. Food services available ($) for either coffee breaks, refreshments or full meals. Rates are $ 25 an hour for small rooms and $ 55 an hour for large rooms. Contact us to reserve your space!

Superb building at Technoparc

Adjacent to the 7150 Albert-Einstein, this magnificent project will make you enjoy unparalleled sunshine, modern architecture, the quality of life recognized at the Technoparc and proximity to the future light train station (REM) for quick access to the airport (3 minutes) or downtown (22 minutes). Welcome to your future prestigious address in the heart of Technoparc. Interested? Contact Carl Baillargeon from Technoparc Montréal at for your private visit. You can also see our Website section on rental and purchasing opportunities at the Technoparc.

Monthly Sustainability Tips & Insights from ERA: Bat week 2018 at Technoparc

October isn’t just the season for Halloween and Pumpkin Spice… October 24 – 31st is also Bat Week! And Technoparc is the perfect place to get in on some easy and fun biodiversity action.
Did you know a single little brown bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitos and insects in a single hour? Unfortunately, bats are in decline nearly everywhere they call home, primarily due to human activity. Habitat loss, pesticide use, destruction of roost sites, light pollution, climate change, and disease have all contributed to massive population loss in Canada. Worldwide, about 24% of bat species are on the endangered or vulnerable list.
Technoparc residents can make a simple and inexpensive difference by installing a bat house on their property. ERA installed a bat house made of repurposed Chevrolet Volt battery cases donated by General Motors, and it only took a few weeks to welcome in new bat neighbours. They’ve also donated a second bat house to the Technoparc’s Éco-Campus Hubert Reeves to create a refuge for more bats in the area. A nesting box is simple to build and install, making life easier for bats looking for a place to roost. A single bat house can house 150 little brown bats, the most common species in our area. Visit to learn how to build and install your own inexpensive bat house. Email them at to learn how to get started. If a nest box isn’t an option, they can suggest a ton of other bat-friendly activities. You can also click on their Website for more information on the company.

The Monthly Web Advice by Marketing Ultimum:
User Experience & Website, the Core of Engagement

In 2018, being on the Web is simply not enough anymore. To differentiate themselves with their website, businesses must now look at the user experience. The level of interest of your website visitors regarding your offer will directly be determined by the nature of their journey on the site. This interest is measured by a very specific factor: engagement. It’s engagement that stimulates visitors to interact with your site, and that eventually turns them into prospects.
Therefore, a question becomes essential: how to optimize engagement? To answer this question, here are some key aspects to consider when designing a Website:
Content and format: First, the most important site information should always appear at the top of your page, since that’s where your users will begin their visual journey. In addition, too much content negatively affects the customer experience. Quality is therefore more important than quantity: use precise sentences and words. It’s also a good idea to use bullet point lists in your proposals, as they help the user quickly locate and isolate the information they are looking for.
Call-to-action buttons: Call-to-action buttons are crucial because they emphasize the action that the user is asked to take. Buttons which are clearly labeled with an action verb help your user navigate more easily to what he’s looking for. It is therefore relevant to use them to encourage him to continue his on-site journey. On the design side, attractive buttons are colorful and contrasted, so they can be quickly identified. They are also in the middle of the bottom of the section, to coincide with the visual path traveled by the user.
Blank spaces & contrast: In areas of your site heavily loaded with text or images, providing blank spaces around them may be relevant to foster engagement. In addition to giving it a more open and modern style, these spaces will lighten the appearance of the site for the user, who can read its content more easily. A good contrast of colors will also help highlight the individual elements we want the user to bring his attention to. It is best to put warmer, brighter colors in the front, and darker colors in the back.
Mobile version: For some years already on the Web, the use of mobile devices has exceeded the use of traditional computers. Accordingly, Google is now penalizing the ranking of websites that are not mobile. It is therefore imperative to have a specially optimized design for mobile devices. You’ll also make it easier for visitors to engage if this website version is easy to navigate and has large and easily clickable calls to action.
With these concepts in mind, Marketing Ultimum designed the new website of 911 Innovation, another company from the Technoparc. Referring to the photos at the bottom of the column, here are some ways these four aspects were addressed in the site:
Picture A: Short, descriptive and catchy title for the header of the home page.
Picture B: Colorful calls to action, that are personalized to the logo shapes, placed in the middle of the section’s bottom.
Picture C: Bullet point lists and blank spaces in the denser text areas or the more visually loaded sections.
Picture D: An optimized and tailor-made mobile version of the website, whose design elements are specifically adapted to the screen sizes of mobile devices.
In sum, while these important concepts are not the only determinants of engagement, they are a good starting point for creating your new website. To learn more about the customer experience and profit from a free strategic planning session, you can contact Marketing Ultimum today.
By phone: (438) 793-4960. By email: . Or visit their Website.