New residents: Technoparc Montréal welcomes BQuali Inc., Cevians and Star-Isoneo. In the news: strategic collaboration for the NEOMED Institute, visit of the Consul General of Japan, Concentric AG is nominated, news on the REM and the STM. Services: Excel 2016 courses available, possibility to become a mentor, tire change service and monthly advices from our collaborators.

New residents


Cevians’ decades of expertise in developing optical solutions for high performance AMLCD Displays, its understanding of display application in harsh environments, combined with Cevians’ 30 years of material and optical sciences, position Cevians as a key partner where high value, long- term product availability and reliability are required. The solutions are as diverse as opportunities and range from ruggedization of commercial off the shelf modules to custom design modules around high reliability LCD cells. More information available through their Website.


Star-Isoneo Inc. is a specialised software subsidiary of Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. and of Finances Gestion & Développement SAS, the French Holding company managing Artal Technologies and Magellium. Isoneo develops solutions in engineering and simulation for Canadian aerospace customers. Isoneo currently works on STAR-ISAMM™ developed for Emergency Medical Services use, to improve them by capturing a patient’s bio-medical data and securely transmitting it to the ER team on the ground. Please click on their Website for more information.

Bquali Inc.

BQuali Inc. provides Food safety training and consulting services to Food manufacturing Companies to comply with FDA Food Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements. Safe food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) as well as Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) requirements. Their training programs include: Food Safety Preventive Controls Qualified
Individuals (PCQI) course, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) course, Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP), Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Plan, Food Defense, Environmental Monitoring in food processing plants and Internal Audit. More information is available through their Website.

In the news

Matinée du financement

On Thursday, February 21, 2019, Technoparc Montréal was proud to participate actively in the “Matinée du financement” event in collaboration with Développement Economique Saint-Laurent, Export Montréal Ouest and the Saint-Laurent-Mont-Royal Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Several conferences were offered and the registrants also had the opportunity to participate in a Trade Show and listen to the RBC Royal Bank panel led by Ms. Luana Borelli of Technoparc Montreal in which the companies Adfast, BlueMed, Elemission and Waterax participated. The Federal MP Emmanuella Lambropoulos was also present and delivered an inspiring speech to all participants. Click here to view the photo album of the event.

The Consul General of Japan at the Technoparc

Last month, Technoparc de Montréal had the honor of welcoming the Consul General of Japan, Mr. Osamu Izawa, accompanied by Vice Consul Tomohiro Uchida. We presented the Technoparc with its current and future projects and had the opportunity to visit the NEOMED Institute with Mr. Dominic Vachon. This meeting allowed us to plan future collaborations and exchanges between our two countries. As well, communications projects and events have been developed to create synergies with Japanese companies wishing to establish themselves in Montreal, especially in life sciences and information technologies. We were definitely honored to greet them at the Technoparc.

A strategic collaboration for the NEOMED Institute

A collaboration has been concluded on new Target for HIV Immune Therapy and Cure to be Explored by Trans-Atlantic Industry-Academia. The NEOMED Institute (NEOMED), GlaxoSmithKline Inc. (GSK), the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) Research Centre and University College London (UCL) are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic collaboration to explore the potential of a newly identified target for HIV immune therapy and cure. More information through this press release.

Congratulations to Concentric AG

The Technoparc Montréal resident company, developer of biological and plant nutrient inputs, has been included for the second consecutive year in SVG Ventures’ 2019 THRIVE Top 50 ranking of leading global agtech companies that exemplify the best in agriculture and food-focused innovation. THRIVE Top 50 companies were selected from a field of 1,500 global agriculture technology companies across six different technology categories and seven problem areas within agriculture and food. More information through this press release.

Effervescence April 24 and 25

Developed by a collective of 14 lead organizations in the Life Sciences and Health Technologies (LSHT) sector in Quebec, including the NEOMED Institute, Effervescence is the new key business event for all major players in the future of life sciences.A true scientific and business hive, the event offers researchers, companies and players in the life sciences sector a unique opportunity to meet, build business relationships, participate in inspiring conferences and discover the industry’s latest innovations, all in a stimulating experiential universe. Companies in the LSHT sector that wish to participate can register through this link.

Closings of the Côte-Vertu metro

The STM announced that the Côte-Vertu metro station will be closed this spring on certain weekends to allow the installation of electrical cables in the back-end of the station. This work is related to the construction of an underground garage for the Métro, northwest of the Côte-Vertu station. In order to minimize the impact for customers, the STM opted for a complete closure of the station during the weekend, since traffic is much less important than during the week. The following weekends are:
March 30th and 31st: closed station
April 6th and 7th: potential closure. If the complexity of the work is greater than expected, they will have to close the station for an additional weekend. The decision will be made and communicated on Monday, April 1st.
April 13 and 14: closed station
The Du Collège station will become the temporary terminus of the orange line during the closure. A shuttle bus service will be set up between Côte-Vertu and Du Collège stations. In addition, lines 64- Grenet and 470- Express Pierrefonds will go directly to the Du Collège station. For more details on this subject, we invite you to visit the STM’s Website.

The REM at Technoparc

A bit of information on the evolution of the work on the REM station at the Technoparc. Residents of the Technoparc who circulate around the future Technoparc Montréal REM station will have to be careful around the construction site. Indeed, detours for pedestrians and car traffic are currently in effect. Please see the map below for more details. Also, follow us on our social media because we regularly receive information on the evolution of the REM site at the Technoparc.

resident services

Excel 2016 course at Technoparc

The Services aux entreprises de la Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys, in collaboration with Technoparc Montréal, will offer advanced Excel training 2016 (in French) from March 25 to May 15, 2019. Funded by Services Québec, this part-time course is offered at a reasonable cost of $ 2 / hour (60 $) + manual ($ 35) taxes included. Online payment only. The duration is 30 hours, Mondays and Wednesdays from noon to 2 pm, from March 25th to May 15th, 2019. The number of participants per group is at minimum 10 and maximum 15 (maximum 3 people from the same company). Classes will take place at the Technoparc Montréal (location to be specified) and participants must master Excel beginner and intermediate. Each participant must bring their computer and make sure to install the 2016 version of Excel. More information available at 514 855-4500, extension 8820 or . Interested parties can register through this link.

Six Restos at Technoparc

Did you know that there are six restos at the Technoparc and that they are open to the public? They are in the building of the NEOMED Institute, Place Innovation (Bombardier building), 2600 Alfred-Nobel and Novotel. Did you know that in Place Innovation, there is a large food court offering different dishes, including Crudessence dishes and Tim Hortons and Bento Sushi counters? Take a tour to discover the complete offer of the food fair and, a little further, the Van Houtte counter with cafes, pastries and sandwiches! It’s open to all, so don’t feel shy to walk into the building and follow the pictograms. To help you get there, click this Google Maps link.

Innovation centers at the Technoparc

Did you know that there are two innovation centers in the heart of the Technoparc? They are open to all sizes of businesses, from start-ups to SMEs, who wish to establish themselves in the largest science and high technology park in Canada. These two centers of innovation already have more than forty companies, which encourages easy exchanges, which ultimately can become commercial collaborations. There are still some spaces available in our co-working space and closed offices as well as two team offices. Contact Liliane Sénécal of Technoparc Montréal at More info on our 2 business centers are available through our Website.

Become a Business Class mentor!

Technoparc Montréal invites you to raise awareness of your career fields among high school students by giving them a professional immersion experience! Offer an internship to a participant, it’s the opportunity to:Mobilize your team around a common project;Make a difference in the life of one or more teenagers;Promote your professions and industry;Join more than 1,000 Montreal organizations involved since 2001, including some from Technoparc such as: Néomed, Semtech, Amdocs or Belden;Attract tomorrow’s successors!Are you interested in the experience? Mention your interest by the end of March to: Mathilde Locatelli, Advisor, Partnerships, at 514 270-3300, option 4, extension 5 or

Summer is coming

Technoparc Montréal offers again a tire installation service on its site with the company Instapneus in the parking lot of the 2300 Alfred-Nobel. The company will be here on April 9, 17 and 26, 2019. To register, please go to the company’s Website at in the section “Inscription pour rendez-vous” + “Rendez-vous à l’entreprise” and select one of the 3 dates that indicate “Technoparc Montréal “. Have a happy “Techno” road this summer!

Your lunch delivered with 10% discount

You’d rather stay in for lunch? The Bistro 21st Century Food, located at the entrance of the Technoparc, offers a great promotion including freshness, speed and savings. Receive 10% off any order for delivery to your office at the Technoparc. It’s very simple:1) Click their website at:
2) Go to the section “bistro locations” at the bottom left
3) Then create an account (it takes 30 seconds) or log in to your existing account
4) Choose your meal
5) Enter the promo code techno10 and get 10% off
6) Receive your meal at your office, delivered by the Bistro located at the Technoparc
7) Smile!!
For more information, check out the Bistro’s website.

Monthly Sustainability Tips & Insights from ERA: Road Conditions and Sustainability

The weather is starting to tease the beginning of spring –with it melting snow and changing road conditions. Ever consider where all the snow melt, sand and road salt go? It’s an important sustainability issue!
Montreal uses approximately 130,000 tonnes of salt as road conditioner. Road salts pose a risk to plants, animals, and the aquatic environment. It’s 40% sodium ions and 60% chloride ions. Chloride is completely soluble and toxic to aquatic life, vegetation, and wildlife.
When snow melt washes salt off roads, it damages grass, shrubs, and soil quality. It enters aquatic environments like ponds, lakes, and rivers. It accelerates corrosion, penetrating concrete, and damaging reinforcing rods, compromising structural integrity. It damages vehicle brake linings, frames, and bumpers.
Several places have turned to creative solutions with a smaller environmental footprint:
Rosemère uses wood chips coated in Magnesium chloride. These are effective to about -30 C. It doesn’t cause oxidation or damage to metal;
Laval and Cowansville use a mixture of beet molasses and salt. They are set to use 30% less salt each year. The sprayed mixture is compared to having the scent of a tootsie roll;
Wisconsin mixes cheese brine with salt;
A county in New Jersey sprays pickle juice after a regional budget crunch. It appears to melt snow as efficiently as salt and costs less;
Tennessee uses potato juice as a de-icer.
Does your business use salt on its property? Next winter, might be the right time to try a more sustainable option!
Questions about this tip? For more information, please send an email to ERA at or see their Website.

The Monthly Web Advice by Marketing Ultimum: The Do’s and Don’ts for your New Website

In 2019, having a business Website is not a question. It’s necessary to have one, but it’s even better if the site does its job: attracting users and converting them into new clients.
Knowing the highly competitive business landscape in which we currently are, it can be very useful to learn the do’s and don’ts of building a new website, as well as re-designing an existing one.
Accordingly, here are 2 Do’s and 2 Don’ts when creating or re-building your Website.
-Have an SSL certificate: Even though SSL certificates are only mandatory when processing payments on your site, they’ve become more and more popular for all types of Website. Once the certificate is installed, you will see a ‘’Secured’’ icon next to the search bar (see first picture). Additionally, Google has made it clear that it aims at seeing a web that is entirely secure, making it even more pertinent to consider.
-Implement calls to action: Calls to action are buttons on your site that incite the users to move forward in your purchasing or acquisition process. It’s crucial to have the right calls to action at the right places on the site, so users can contact you, subscribe or purchase your product.
-Don’t put too much text: As we see the rise of mobile devices use, it’s particularly important to limit to a minimum the amount of text you put on your website. Users don’t like to scroll for minutes before finding the content they’re looking for. Keep it to the essential and put the additional content in a pop-up or an accordion, so the interested parties can read more on the subject if they wish to, while not over-crowding the view of the others.
-Don’t underestimate mobile responsiveness: We’ve talked about the need to have a mobile-responsive website numerous times throughout our monthly advices and it’s for a reason. Web users are increasingly continuing to consume content on mobile and Google is adjusting its search results accordingly. Therefore, having a non-mobile-responsive Website in 2019 is a bad bet.
If you’d like to learn more about the best practices discussed here or how you can improve your current website, Marketing Ultimum offers you a free strategic planning session! You can contact their team today: (438) 793-4960 or email: You can also visit their Website.