New resident: 5 new companies this month. In the news: annual report 2017 – an exceptional year at the Technoparc. Contribution from Pfizer to NEOMED. The Éco-Campus Hubert Reeves at the Prix Novae. Visits from Lebanon and IASP. New services on site and a surprise for the next food trucks Thursday!


Technoparc Montréal would like to welcome the following compagnies:

Seven Square Media

Seven Square Media is a result driven digital marketing agency that has been creating exceptional value for its online partners. They offer services such as Affiliate Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising (SEM), Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Web Design and Search Engine Optimization. They have been in business for more than 10 years. Please click on their Website to get more information on the company.

LumiPure Inc.

LumiPure Inc. is a provider of LED lighting solutions for indoor farming, Vertical Farming, and commercial greenhouses. Their LED chips are made in the U.S, to ensure a superior quality product to their customers. Their LED lights are proven to enable steep energy savings while providing consistent, high quality, greater crop production. LumiPure Inc. will also be at the forefront of the white light disinfection LED technology, catering mainly to the health and food processing industry. More information on their Website.


For many years, Colius has been offering services of accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, project/fund accounting, project management and consulting to a wide array of clients. They cater to local, regional and international businesses, community organization and other type of firms. Their team members have also volunteered their services with charities, non-profit organization in a position of treasurer or finance committee member. For more information, please see their Website.

The company you can do bizness (aka: started in 2007 in Lucerne, Switzerland. Medtech experts coming from a multinational business environment, they started to grow this network dedicated to leverage on customized projects which mostly aims for commercialization and internationalization of innovative medical and health technology, nutrition and innovative sports equipment. They are also facilitating industrial partnership for innovators and know how to shorten the time and barriers to market. Their new subsidiary in Montréal is dedicated to Canadian and US companies who wishes to achieve a “soft-landing” in a heterogenous pan-european market environment. Please see their Website for additional information.


The company aptLogiX offers end-to-end best in class IT Solutions and Services with continuous improvements to adapt the changes in the technology landscape and help their clients to be nimble with their IT Infrastructure and Solutions. The company partners with their clients to acquire, design, implement, and maintain technology solutions that are crucial for their organizational needs. For more information, please consult their Website.

In the news

Annual Report 2017 – an exceptional year at the Technoparc

The 2017 annual report of Technoparc Montréal is now available. It shows an exceptional year, matching a record level in terms of the number of jobs on the site as well as the number of companies present. As of December 31st, 2017, the Technoparc de Montréal was the address of 115 companies, employing 7,200 people, 96% of which were in four technology-intensive sectors. In addition, 2 new head offices were inaugurated during the year: ABB’s Canadian headquarters and GC Biotherapeutics’ North American headquarters. Note that GC Biotherapeutics’ investment represents the largest investment in life sciences in Canada in the last ten years.

As well, there were more than nine real estate transactions during the year, for a total of $ 62.7 million and the sale of land for $ 3.22 million to FPInnovations. The latter will establish its head office at the Technoparc, in the Éco-campus Hubert Reeves section, which has seen major investments in its infrastructure during the year. These exceptional results testify the vitality of the Technoparc de Montréal, just a few years ahead of the inauguration of the Réseau Express Métropolitain’s first station on the way out of Montreal International Airport. You can consult Technoparc Montréal’s 2017 annual report directly on our Website.

Visit of the International Association of Science Parks

At the end of May, we had the honor of welcoming Ms. Ebba Lund, Senior Director of Operations of IASP, the International Association of Science Parks, which Technoparc Montréal is a member. We have been able to develop a collaborative strategy at the international and North American level to promote Technoparc and its assets to potential investors and to create an important place within the association. We are pleased to have been able to interact with her and IASP and are confident of even stronger future collaboration. For information on IASP, click on their website.

Éco-campus Hubert Reeves finalist at the Prix Novae

Technoparc Montreal is proud to have been nominated for the Prix Novae, rewarding the best practices of sustainable development and social responsibility in Quebec.
Technoparc Montréal was a finalist in the “Architecture and City Planning” category for the consolidation of the marsh and wetlands in the Éco-campus Hubert Reeves section. A great recognition of the constant efforts to offer a site in perfect symbiosis with nature!
Get more information on the Prix Novae by clicking this link.

Visit of the Canadian Ambassador in Lebanon

In early June, we had the honor of welcoming the Ambassador of Canada to Lebanon, Emmanuelle Lamoureux, at the Technoparc de Montréal. With representatives of some of the site’s companies as well as the director of the CCSL-MR, we were able to have fruitful exchanges and to approach the future with enthusiasm. The next step would be to promote exchanges for trade and knowledge between the two countries and to possibly plan a trade mission with several companies from the sector. A very good start!

Pfizer and NEOMED

Excellent news for our Technoparc resident company the NEOMED Institute.
On June 5th, 2018, Pfizer Canada announced a $1,200,000 contribution to the NEOMED Institute. Pfizer Canada’s support will help NEOMED in its mission to accelerate the transformation of scientific discoveries from Quebec and Canadian universities into innovative therapeutic treatments.
More information on this news via the press release.

It’s a park. It’s hype and connected

Technoparc Montréal is proud to promote sustainable mobility to its resident companies and visitors. With already more than twenty charging stations on the site, the Technoparc continues to encourage companies and employees to promote electric vehicles. In addition to these stations, ABB’s center of excellence in e-mobility, carpooling programs, the transport committee and its cycle path circuit, the Technoparc offers all the reasons to favor sustainable mobility! For more information on alternative modes of transportation, please visit the “Transports” section of our Website.


An excellent Gala Alpha 2018

Technoparc Montreal would like to warmly congratulate the finalists and winners of the Alpha 2018 competition. The deserving companies from the Saint-Laurent-Mont-Royal sector received their Alpha Trophies in their respective categories at the 2018 Alpha Gala.
The winning companies are (according to the order in which the trophies were handed during the Gala): Copper Branch, JR Donato Re / Max 3000, Pacart Quebec, Intellisyn Pharma, Kombi, Printing paragraph, Luxia Innovation, Deville Technologies, Novatek International
Indumo Hydraulics. Congratulations also to the business personalities of the year:
Mrs Nathalie Pilon from ABB, Mr Fabio Zeppilli from Bad Monkey and Mr Jonathan Ferrari from Marché Goodfood. Last, but not least, ABB was awarded the “Hommage à une grande entreprise” trophy and Kombi was named “Company of the Year”. Technoparc Montréal is proud to have contributed to the organization and animation of this high-level event. A big “Bravo!” to all! To see a photo album of the Gala Alpha 2018, click on this link.

Gala evening “Les grands bâtisseurs 2018”

Following the success of 2017, the gala is back this year. This time it will be Thursday, September 20th, 2018, at the unique and grand “Salon 1861” of Montreal. This exclusive event will bring together prestigious guests carefully selected from the promoters and actors in the field of construction. Networking. Exquisite cocktails. Succulent bites. Cool music. The works. For more information or tickets, please click on the Grands Bâtisseurs’s Website.

Noon-Opera at Technoparc

Technoparc Montréal is pleased to announce a special event that will take place during our Food Truck Thursday in July (Thursday, July 5th to be more specific). This is our very first “Noon-Opera” which will combine the vocals of baritone Hugo Laporte and soprano Eleonora De La Pena with the presence of three food trucks. Put the date on your calendar or check out our Website in the “news” section to learn about the events at Technoparc.

2018 Summer Camps

The Club CDL is pleased to offer you “Technoparc” benefits as part of its 2018 summer camps, from June 25th, 2018 to August 24th, 2018. They offer three separate camps during the summer: tennis camps, multi-sports camps and dance camps. Register your kid(s) at one of the 3 camps offered and get the following benefits:
-15% discount on their daycare service and / or meal plan.
-A “free” subscription to summer physical activity for any parent who registers their kid(s) at the camp for a minimum of 4 weeks (full payment required at the time of registration).
For more details or registration, please visit the Club CDL Website or contact the coordinators by email at or .

Move-in at the Technoparc

Right this way for your next business address in Canada! Technoparc Montréal is proud to offer you a world-renowned site for its green spaces, multi-services for its residents, internationally renowned companies and growing SMEs, an eco-campus dedicated to green technologies and soon access in 3 minutes to the Montreal International airport. If you are thinking of having a prestigious address, surrounded by innovators, the Technoparc de Montréal opens its arms! Contact Nancy DeBlois now at or click on our Website.

Innovation centers at the Technoparc

Did you know that there are two innovation centers in the heart of the Technoparc? They are open to all sizes of businesses, from start-ups to SMEs, who wish to establish themselves in the largest science and high technology park in Canada. These two centers of innovation already have more than forty companies, which encourages easy exchanges, which ultimately can become commercial collaborations. There are still some spaces available in our co-working space and closed offices as well as two team offices. Contact Nancy Deblois, Technoparc Montréal’s Director of Real Estate Services, at Remember that you can have your office space from only $4,50 per day! More info on our 2 business centers is available through our Website

Superb building at Technoparc

Adjacent to the 7150 Albert-Einstein, this magnificent project will make you enjoy unparalleled sunshine, modern architecture, the quality of life recognized at the Technoparc and proximity to the future light train station (REM) for quick access to the airport (3 minutes) or downtown (22 minutes). Welcome to your future prestigious address in the heart of Technoparc. Interested? Contact Nancy DeBlois from Technoparc Montréal at

New at Technoparc: dry cleaning service for employees!

Nettoyeur NOVA now offers dry cleaning services to Technoparc companies. Enjoy a simple and convenient way to save time, effort and moving around! Please see our Website to learn more about this very easy service, the procedure, registration and price list. For additional information, please contact Nettoyeur Nova at 514-969-7414 or by email at .

2 free Lunch & Learn seminars

This activity is intended for business owners, entrepreneurs, inventors and staff working on design and product development, who face critical challenges. Seminar 1: capturing and understanding the voice of the customer: the key to the success of your products. Seminar 2: is your project on the right track? Are you lacking resources or expertise to run the product development cycle? Seminars will be presented free of charge in our Albert-Einstein Business Center on Friday, June 15 from noon to 2 pm. Registrations via our Facebook event.

Monthly Sustainability Tips & Insights from ERA: beat the heat with a cool roof

ERA Environmental recently underwent construction of their new “Cool Roof”, right in time for the summer heat. This project is helping them to reduce their carbon footprint whilst maintaining the integrity of their new building. If considering roof repairs, please consider this project. When assessing your building maintenance, try to see the opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption for the long term. While typical roofs are black, the cool roof is a white concrete coating that reflects all wavelengths, keeping the material (and building underneath it) cooler. Many benefits can result, the most important ones follow. First, it won’t overheat, thus preventing premature deterioration of the structure of the building. Also, it reduces heat islands in urban areas, for your building and your neighbors’. Plus, every 1000 square foot of cool roof results in a CO2 offset of 10 metric tons each year, curbing climate change. Questions on this tip? Please send an email to ERA at