New residents: welcome to Retina Labs. In the news: more than 100 million invested at the Technoparc de Montréal, NEOMED Innovation Center is growing, a major project at Technoparc, visits from Peru and Turkey, Poly collaboration with 911 Innovations, Technoparc makes the headlines. Services: Offers from Netlift, D-Stress VR and Home2 Suites to the residents of the Technoparc, Zoom on AptoChem and the monthly advices from our collaborators.


Technoparc Montréal would like to welcome
the following company: Retina Labs

Retina Labs is a telehealth software company specializing in chronic eye disease detection. The company provides an integrated, cloud-based teleophthalmology platform and clinical diagnostic services to health systems and care providers to enable them to screen for early detection of eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy. More information is available through their Website.


More than 100 million invested at the Technoparc de Montréal

The current constructions at the Technoparc de Montréal have been highlighted in the newspaper La Presse this month. Mr. André Dubuc’s article describes the investments currently underway on the site, also highlighting an obvious potential for the future. Congratulations to our resident companies NEOMED Innovation Center and Vantage Data Center for these structuring projects! Our organization Technoparc Montréal is proud of these results, which are a springboard for other projects that will be launched soon. An article (in French) to read and share.

Major project at the Technoparc de Montréal

Excellent news for our Technoparc resident company, Thales Canada. In collaboration with Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., Thales Canada will invest in the first phase of a research and development project for a hybrid electric airplane-helicopter aircraft demonstrator. The project, valued at more than $ 11 million, aims to develop software codes for flight orders and avionics, and to test them to demonstrate the validity of the proposed concept. The project receives a non-refundable financial contribution of $ 650,000 from Investissement Québec, acting as the agent for the government, through the Créativité Québec program. Thales Canada expects that the project will create 20 jobs by 2021 at its facilities in the borough of Saint-Laurent, in Montreal. Get more information about Thales Canada via their Website.

The NEOMED Innovation Center at the Technoparc de Montréal is growing

adMare BioInnovations on July 4th, 2019, the ground-breaking ceremony marking the start of the construction of a major expansion to Montreal’s NEOMED Innovation Centre, specializing in life sciences and health technology (LSHT). The event was attended by representatives of the Government of Quebec, Canada Economic Development, the City of Montreal, and local elected officials, along with senior executive members, employees and partners of the organization. Get more information on this event via this press release.

Peru and Turkey at the Technoparc de Montréal

Last month, we hosted two international delegations at the Technoparc de Montréal. First, delegates from Peru came to meet us in order to obtain expertise on their project to develop science and technology parks across this South American country. We were able to provide all the information relevant to this delegation and plans to install a representative office of the Peruvian Regional Science Parks at the Technoparc de Montréal were started. A good start of cooperation between the two organizations! Then we had the honor to meet with a delegation from Turkey, composed of members of the Embassy, the Consulate and the industrial zones of Turkey, including the Technoparc Tubitak-Mam and the Güzeller area. The purpose of this meeting was to begin planning for the installation of a center of scientific and technological expertise in Canada like the one currently operating in Chicago, USA. We have been able to demonstrate that the Technoparc de Montréal has all the necessary assets for this future installation, be it through the purchase of land for a building or the rental of appropriate space. We also presented a similar concept, focused on Life Sciences and Health Technologies (LSHT), the NEOMED Institute, at the heart of Montreal’s LSHT Hub. We were honored to welcome them and are very pleased with the links we now have for ensuring the continuity of this structuring project for Montréal’s economy.
Your delegation wants to meet us to discuss collaboration and investment projects? Please contact us by email at right away!

Collaboration between Poly and 911 Innovations

La société technique Avion Cargo Polytechnique would like to thank our resident of the Technoparc of Montreal, the company 911 Innovations, for its unconditional support which allowed the Avion Cargo to reach the 3rd place in the international competition SAE Aero Design West in the categories oral presentation, flight performance and overall ranking.Thanks to the fast machining of the main landing gear (MLGs), la société technique Avion Cargo Polytechnique was able to compete with spare parts for the aircraft, which served amply and allowed the quick repair of the plane in case of accident or crash. A beautiful collaboration between our resident of the Technoparc de Montréal and the Polytechnique students! Get more information on 911 Innovations through their Website.

2019 Innovation Awards Gala

ADRIQ-RCTi is proud to contribute for its 29th consecutive year to the recognition and the influence of these companies and builders who give a leading role to research and innovation. The ADRIQ-RCTi Innovation Awards Gala, recognized as the most prestigious event of the Quebec innovation community, will take place on Thursday, November 21, 2019 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. More than 450 decision-makers from the research and innovation ecosystem and renowned guests are expected. Click this link for more information or to participate.

Technoparc Montreal is in the news

Following the visit of MTL Connecte’s delegations during the Printemps Numérique, le Lien Multimédia published an article on Technoparc Montréal. The article highlights the mission of our organization, its challenges, its successes as well as the constant search for balance between nature and workplace, a goal at the heart of our actions. An interesting article (in French) to read and share, via this link.

Technoparc Montréal at the Entretiens Jacques Cartier

Technoparc Montréal is proud to once again participate in this major annual event. This year, the 32nd edition of the Entretiens Jacques Cartier (EJC), the first meeting of France x Québec, will take place from November 4th to 6th, 2019, in Québec and Ottawa. Come and meet more than 4,500 actors, decision-makers from both sides of the Atlantic and from the worlds of economics, culture, science, academia … And exchange with more than 500 speakers and experts, from France, Québec, and Ottawa, around more than 30 French-speaking events, conferences and networking moments, in 30 different locations. Get all the information by visiting the EJC Website.

New rental availability at the Technoparc de Montréal

Excellent opportunity in a newly constructed LEED silver building, concept of open spaces, glass walls and at the top floor of a 6-story building. The available space is 29,740 square feet. A great opportunity to settle in a prestigious building in the heart of Montreal’s upscale science and technology park. For more information or for a visit, see the descriptions below or contact Pasqualina Monaco at 514-392-9375 or email pmonaco@devencore.comLooking forward to seeing you as new residents at the Technoparc de Montréal!

A robot barista at ABB

A coffee at ABB at the Technoparc de Montréal … this is how it’s done, with YuMi the barista robot, at your service! The Printemps Numérique delegates visiting the Technoparc de Montréal last month had the chance to savor a good espresso. Watch the video of YuMi at work by clicking this link.


Aerospace at the Technoparc de Montréal. The future is created here.

By the end of 2018, the Technoparc de Montréal had 2,345 specialized aerospace jobs, representing 31.9% of the site’s 7,350 jobs. In terms of proportions of firms by sector, the percentage was 6.4%. It is therefore a presence of important companies, employing many highly specialized workers in this industry. It includes large-scale companies such as Bombardier, Thales, AJW Technique, Camp Systems International, Air Canada, Parker Aerospace, GE Aviation, Star-Isoneo and Atem Canada. The Technoparc de Montréal site is therefore conducive to the deployment of the aerospace industry in Canada, not only by the presence of these innovative companies, but also by its proximity to Montreal’s International Airport. To find out more about the Technoparc de Montréal and its resident companies, we invite you to consult our latest annual report.


Netlift active at the Technoparc de Montréal

Following the launch of the car sharing program at Thales Canada Avionique with the active participation of Ms. Luana Borelli of Technoparc Montréal, Netlift wishes to give all Technoparc companies the opportunity to discover the benefits of microtransit. That’s why they offer a special “Technoparc” promotion during the summer. Indeed, Netlift will offer half-price rides to Technoparc employees for a few months. Certain conditions apply. You can contact Netlift through their Website for more details.More information about the Netlift program with Thales at Technoparc is available, in French, via the following press release.

“Food Truck Thursdays” events

Did you participate in the “Food Truck Thursdays” the last two times? Do not miss your chance next month! This year, we will have a minimum of 3 food trucks every first Thursday of the month. The launch took place in June, and many of you participated … and you will probably be even more during the future events! We will have parallel activities at the same time, so keep your eyes on our Facebook page.

Virtual mini vacation at the Technoparc

New offer for companies and residents of the Technoparc de Montréal … Make your job a dream destination! D-Stress VR is relaxing like you’ve never experienced it before. Their virtual reality relaxation sessions are an effective way to help reduce stress, increase productivity and boost morale. Give yourself and your teams a virtual mini vacation in the comfort of your workplace. “Technoparc Advantage”: 10% off reservations before July 31, 2019. Book now at 1-888-789-4492 or More information is available on their Website.

K.I.D.S Daycare at Technoparc

Did you know that K.I.D.S. Daycare offers high quality day care at the Technoparc? They include monthly themes, such as arts and music, and offer music, dance, physical education and yoga classes to the children. Their meals are fresh and homemade daily. They have two spacious outdoor courtyards plus an indoor gymnasium and special events are offered throughout the year. For more information, visit their Website or contact Susan at 514-332-8295.

Six Restos at Technoparc

Did you know that there are six restos at the Technoparc and that they are open to the public? They are in the building of the NEOMED Institute (2 services meals at $8.70 plus taxes), Place Innovation (Bombardier building), 2600 Alfred-Nobel and Novotel. Did you know that in Place Innovation, there is a large food court offering different dishes, including Crudessence dishes and Tim Hortons and Bento Sushi counters? Take a tour to discover the complete offer of the food fair and, a little further, the Van Houtte counter with cafes, pastries and sandwiches! It’s open to all, so don’t feel shy to walk into the building and follow the pictograms. To help you get there, click this Google Maps link.

Day camps with CDL

The Club Sportif CDL is happy to offer summer camps for your children until August 23, 2019. You can register to them throughout the summer. They offer two separate camps: tennis camps and multi-sport camps. Register your child (ren) at one of the 2 camps offered now. For more details or registration, please consult the document below or contact Amalia Weinzinger by email at or by phone at 514-735-2582, extension 203. Another “Technoparc” benefit exclusive to our residents. Enjoy!

“Technoparc” advantage at the Home2 Suites

The brand new Home2 Suites par Hilton Montréal Dorval is an all-suites extended stay hotel conveniently located at 1855 Trans Canada – a quick 5 minutes drive from the Technoparc de Montréal. Their spacious suites include a living room area, full kitchen and Working Wall. Their rates include daily continental buffet breakfast, WiFi, local/long distance calls, indoor/outdoor parking, access to the gym and indoor swimming pool and outdoor fire pit and BBQ grills. Exclusive offer to Technoparc Montréal Residents: 10% rebate off their rates. Simply call and ask for the Technoparc Montreal rate or book directly online using corporate code: 0003200995. An ID will be required upon arrival. Don’t forget to also share with your visitors. Enjoy your “Techno” stay!

Innovation centers at the Technoparc

Did you know that there are two innovation centers in the heart of the Technoparc? They are open to all sizes of businesses, from start-ups to SMEs, who wish to establish themselves in the largest science and high technology park in Canada. These two centers of innovation already have more than forty companies, which encourages easy exchanges, which ultimately can become commercial collaborations. There are still some spaces available in our two centers, contact us at More info on our 2 innovation centers are available through our Website.

Zoom resident: AptoChem

AptoChem specializes in the custom synthesis of stable labeled (D, 13C,15N) and radiolabeled (14C) reference standards, test articles, pharmaceuticals and their metabolites. AptoChem can synthesize a wide variety of small molecules and fine chemicals in the milligram to gram scale. Our goal is to provide our clients with a specialized custom synthetic chemistry service of the highest quality in the industry at the lowest possible price and in shortest possible turnaround time. For more information, please see their Website.

Monthly Sustainability Tips & Insights from ERA: eco-friendly gardening

Many Montrealers plant gardens at home or on their Technoparc property. Gardeners often turn to fertilizers and pesticides, which can have unintended consequences on wildlife.
Here are eco-friendly fertilizer and pest prevention ideas that are good for your garden, the environment, and for your wallet!
Grass clippings make a great weed-blocking mulch and are nitrogen-rich.
Fill a quarter of a five-gallon bucket with pulled weeds. Fill the bucket with water. Soak the weeds until the water is brown. Use as fertilizer.
Kitchen scraps helps the soil retain moisture, which is essential for vegetable gardens to thrive during summers.
Tree leaves are rich with trace minerals that attract earthworms, retain moisture, and help make heavy soils lighter. Till them into soil or use as a mulch to fertilize and prevent weeds.
Coffee grounds acidify your soil and are great for roses and tomatoes.
Eggshells 93% calcium carbonate, a staple in the garden section for neutralizing soil acidity.
Banana peels are high in potassium and roses love potassium. Bury peels alongside rose bushes.
Salt spray can be used for spider mites. Mix two tablespoons of pink Himalayan salt into one gallon of warm water and spray on infected areas.
Mineral oil works well for dehydrating insects and their eggs. Mix 10-30 ml of mineral oil with one liter of water. Stir and spray.
Citrus oil & cayenne pepper is an organic pesticide for ants. Mix ten drops of citrus essential oil with one teaspoon of cayenne pepper and 1 cup of warm water. Shake and spray.
Questions about this tip? For more information, please send an email to ERA at or see their Website.

The Monthly Web Advice by Marketing Ultimum:
3 Ways to Achieve Better Search Engine Results

One of the most important aspect of a successful web presence is how your Website comes out in search results. Optimizing and monitoring this factor is key, as it’s one of the primary ways used by your new customers to find you. The area of digital marketing related to your online rankings is Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). In a previous article from January newsletter, we’ve talked about 5 strategies for a powerful ‘’on-page’’ SEO. Now, let’s discuss how you can improve your online rankings outside of your own Website. As such, here are 3 ways to achieve better search engine results:
Social Media Accounts: We all know the importance of social media in a good online presence; well Google and the other search engines know it too. That’s why you will achieve greater rankings if you have numerous active social media accounts for your brand, and if those accounts are linked to your website. A good way to do so can be to have social buttons on the footer of your website, linking to those social accounts.
Guest Articles & Blog Posts: Another great way to improve rankings is to create and publish content on other reputable or niche-related Websites. When doing so, you want to use terms and keywords related to your niche and in line with your keyword strategy, and you want to include at least one link to your Website in the piece of content you publish. When you approach another Website to publish a guest article, a good proposal can be to offer them to publish a guest article on your blog as well.
External Websites & Directories: Finally, you want to also improve the overall authority of your Website, as this is a factor that is taking more and more importance among search engines. To improve its online authority, one must be referenced (linked to) as many times as possible in as many reputable Websites as possible. To do so in the easiest way possible, you can use online business directories like Yelp, N49 and Yellow Pages, which will let you create a business page on their Website for free. Simply make sure to include the proper link to your website.
If you’d like to learn more about the best practices discussed here or how you can improve your current Website, Marketing Ultimum offers you a free strategic planning session! You can contact their team today: (438) 793-4960 or email: You can also visit their Website.

Molecular Forecaster: Slicing up the drug discovery pipeline

In this edition, we will offer one last introductory overview: a global view of drug discovery to give context to the computational chemistry previously discussed. Since approximately 25% of the Technoparc resident companies are involved in the life sciences, some of this information may be new to most of you. For the experts, the information below highlights the reasons old pharmaceutical models are failing and risk-sharing, segmented, and open science models are beginning to thrive.
-What are the start-to-finish steps in bringing a drug to market?
There are two phases to drug design: pre-clinical (discovery) and clinical (development). Certainly there are variations to this description, but generally:

It currently takes approximately 15-20 years to bring a drug to market and costs over $2 billion. These numbers vary from project to project, but are average estimates.
-Why is drug discovery/design/development so expensive?
The major force inflating drug design costs are the failures. The investment needed to make a single molecule into a drug is indeed not $2B, but rather all the experiments and failed attempts to find that single molecule are what drive R&D costs. Some estimates suggest a 25% and 7% success rates in the pre-clinical and clinical stages, respectively. Overall, that’s a 2% chance that a project succeeds.
New business models are emerging where smaller biotechs and CROs (contract research organizations) like us, are absorbing some early-stage risks and R&D cost. Additionally, open science initiatives lead to profiting together rather than failing alone. If you’d like to learn more or inquire about our software and services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. E-mail us at, or visit our Website.