In the news: aerospace industry at Technoparc, Montreal ant its spectacular performance, trade mission in Lyon. Services: the restos of the Technoparc, Lufa farms, K.I.D.S. daycare and innovation centers. The monthly sustainability tip from ERA.

in the news

Science and nature

Technoparc Montreal and its Éco-campus Hubert Reeves, the ideal site for science and nature.Did you know that more than 34% of the 115 companies present at the Technoparc are specialized in life sciences? Did you know that more than 46% of the Éco-campus Hubert Reeves’ area is a protected area and parks? A great way to combine science and nature to make it an idyllic work site, 3 minutes from the airport with the future REM. Your company and your team deserve the best. Contact us for your personalized visit of the site.

Montréal is the most affordable city in Canada and the U.S.

The latest edition of the “Prices and Earnings” study from UBS published in May 2018, confirms once again that Greater Montréal provides an unmatched quality of life for its residents thanks to affordable prices and high incomes, which in turn means a much envied purchasing power. Montréal is more affordable than most major European cities and the least expensive city in Canada and the U.S. Moreover, Montréal has the 15th highest earning level in the world among the cities in the study. Click here for more information.

Concentration in aerospace

Did you know that the Technoparc de Montréal had close to 3,000 jobs related to the aerospace industry at the end of 2017? This sector represents the largest number of jobs at the Technoparc and has been for several years. The presence of major companies such as Bombardier, Thales, AJW Technique and many others create a concentration of knowledge and innovation on the site, generating the establishment of new companies in aerospace each year. The future is created here. To find out more, we invite you to read our 2017 annual report.

Montréal posts best job growth in 2017 among top 20 largest urban centers in Canada and the U.S

With a 3.6% boost in jobs in 2017—the best performance recorded since 1998—Greater Montréal gets top ranking among the 20 largest metropolitan areas in Canada and the United States. As shown in the table below, Montréal and Riverside, California, are the only two cities to experience over 3% growth, ahead of big job markets such as Toronto, San Francisco and New York City. Click this link for more information

Trade mission in Lyon

From November 12 to 15, join a multi-sectorial trade mission to Lyon as part of the 2018 Entretiens Jacques Cartier. These “entretiens” are designed to encourage networking, promote the status and attractiveness of the two areas, and help share best business practices.They are perfect for the company that wants to develop its business in France and learn more about this market. Please click here to see the list of targeted industries and the name of personalities that have already confirmed their presence.


6 Restos at Technoparc

A lunch at the Technoparc … it’s possible and interesting in one of the six restaurants open to the public!
-The 21st century bistro at the entrance of the Technoparc (2600 Alfred-Nobel) with its table service and sushi made on site.
-The restaurant of the NEOMED Institute (7171 Frederick-Banting), with its dishes of the day, the ineffable service of Sasha and his homemade cookies.
-Three at the Place Innovation (2351 Alfred-Nobel Blvd.) one being a food fair with several stations for all tastes with also Crudessence meals, the other a more traditional cafeteria with daily specials and a Van Houtte coffee counter opened a bit later.
-The Novotel Trio restaurant (2599 Alfred-Nobel Blvd.) with its full menu, pretty terrace, bar for your 5-7 and also its Magnan prime rib served on Tuesdays.
As you can see, there is a choice for everyone … so try them all! More info on our Website!

Eat fresh. Eat local. At the Technoparc!

For the last 2 years, Lufa Farms has been offering the delivery service of fresh produce from local farms and artisans to residents of the Technoparc. The service is simple, all you must do is to simply register online and then place your order. The products are delivered every Tuesdays at the Alfred-Nobel business center, located at 2300 Alfred-Nobel. You can then bring your basket at home and eat healthy!

Food trucks

The summer is continuing, and this is good news! Why not enjoy the weather while it’s there and come to our Technoparc “Food Trucks Thursdays”? The food trucks come every first Thursday of the month in front of the Alfred-Nobel Innovation Center, located at 2300 boulevard Alfred-Nobel. We often have activities during these events, so one more reason to come and have lunch with your colleagues. You can check out the “Food Trucks Thursdays” schedule on our website.

Daycare at Technoparc

Did you know that K.I.D.S. offers high quality day care at the Technoparc? They include monthly themes, such as arts and music, and offer music, dance, physical education and yoga classes to the children. Their meals are fresh and homemade daily. They have two spacious outdoor courtyards plus an indoor gymnasium and special events are offered throughout the year. For more information, visit their Website or contact Susan at 514-332-8295.

Innovation centers at the Technoparc

Did you know that there are two innovation centers in the heart of the Technoparc? They are open to all sizes of businesses, from start-ups to SMEs, who wish to establish themselves in the largest science and high technology park in Canada. These two centers of innovation already have more than forty companies, which encourages easy exchanges, which ultimately can become commercial collaborations. There are still some spaces available in our co-working space and closed offices as well as two team offices. Contact Nancy Deblois, Technoparc Montréal’s Director of Real Estate Services, at Remember that you can have your office space from only $4,50 per day! More info on our 2 business centers are available through our Website .

Gala evening “Les grands bâtisseurs 2018”

Following the success of 2017, the gala is back this year. This time it will be Thursday, September 20th, 2018, at the unique and grand “Salon 1861” of Montreal. This exclusive event will bring together prestigious guests carefully selected from the promoters and actors in the field of construction. Networking. Exquisite cocktails. Succulent bites. Cool music. The works. For more information or tickets, please click on the Grands Bâtisseurs’s Website.

Monthly Sustainability Tips & Insights from ERA: The Buzz About Beehives

ERA Environmental has been focusing on Technoparc’s biodiversity recently and one project we’ve seen embraced here is installing beehives. There are many groups your business could partner with on this type of project; ERA is working with Miel MTL, a local company that installs beehives with a focus on education and hands-on honey collection. Miel MTL uses organic, sustainable, and cruelty-free techniques to help bees thrive, and works solely with docile honeybee species, making it worry free for our staff. ERA has two beehives, contributing to Miel MTL’s collective 400,000 plus honeybees with an estimated one hundred million flowers being visited and pollinated each year.
Why Honeybees?
Globally, pollinator species are in decline due to pesticide misuse, and decreases in habitat and floral diversity. As bees decline, pollinator-friendly practices become vital. Our beehives are located on the side of our building near the front entrance, without any instances of bees swarming or being aggressive. Monitoring the hives ourselves has been an amazing learning experience! Last month, eight volunteers suited up to help harvest this summer’s first honey. Spectators watched eagerly through the windows, seeing the inner workings of the hives and to sample raw honey comb.
As environmental scientists, we know that proper tracking is key to this project’s success. Using our sustainability software, we’re tracking our biodiversity progress and analyzing trends to find ways to improve. “Each and every conservation action contributes to the collective positive outcome for the environment” – Wildlife Habitat Council.
Questions on this tip? Please send an email to ERA at or see their Website.