Founded in 2017 by two 19-year-old entrepreneurs and childhood friends, Expandify Marketing Inc. has continuously reinvented itself, adapted in order to achieve success and is now increasing its revenue by 300% year by year. 

Expandify Marketing Inc. is a specialized social media advertising agency based Alfred-Nobel business centres of the Technoparc Montreal, helping e-commerce businesses generate online sales through its state-of-the-art advertising systems. 

A future-oriented company 

Long before the pandemic, when they founded Expandify, it was clear to the two friends and co-founders, Jonathan Durante and Nicolas Buffone, that the future of businesses was online. Yet Quebec and Canada have long lagged behind in e-commerce and it is only with COVID-19 that online sales have really taken off – with a 118% increase in online sales. 

But online competition is fierce. How do you stand out? This is where Jonathan and Nicolas come in. The two entrepreneurs are able to generate a significant increase in sales and a better return on investment with social media advertising thanks to a customised program. 

Their clients are mainly SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and franchises of large chains because they often cannot afford to hire a full-time social media expert or to handle the advertising efforts. 

Constantly adapting to stand out 

At first, Jonathan and Nicolas offered numerous services such as content creation, website creation and community management, among others. They quickly realised that this was time-consuming and did not necessarily deliver the expected results.  

So, they decided to specialise and focus on their strength: social media advertising. It is now how they stand out. Jonathan and Nicolas set up a 90-day program, an inbound contract for that period, instead of a traditional month-to-month contract. 90 days is exactly the time they need to test the market and to ensure the client a return on investment and therefore results. 

Last but not least, in the midst of the pandemic, the two entrepreneurs decided to explore new markets and expand across the border to the United States. Today, over a year after their efforts to develop their business in the US, 60% of their customers come from there. 

The company is now in the process of hiring and the future looks bright for the next few years: they are planning on increasing their customer base in both Canada and the US and creating a company culture of their own. 

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